People, people, people — May 8, 2015

People, people, people

People definitely have weird habits and things they enjoy doing, I know I do as well but!…. this does not give you a reason to be rude. What is it about people feeling like they need to be rude to get what they want? I don’t care how much you deserve what you are wanting be nice about it! Especially to people in customer service jobs. We are here to help you not hurt you. Sheesh.

Sorry I’m done now.

Smile! — April 29, 2015
mystories d3s1 Caffeine Problems —

mystories d3s1 Caffeine Problems

I don’t know about you all but I have to have my caffeine. Little by little I feel like I am having to drink more and more just to avoid getting a horrible headache from caffeine withdrawals. Ever since I started drinking pop about 5 years ago I would drink multiple bottles a day usually coca cola or dr. Pepper, sometime others as long as it had a lot of caffeine. I actually don’t drink much pop anymore because it has switched to coffee. I never used to like coffee but now I HAVE  to have at least one cup a day. I am slowly trying to stop drinking it by not drinking coffee like one to two times a week but this isn’t working at all. If I just go one day in the whole week without coffee I get a headache usually for 2-3 days straight after and including that day. It is not fun at all! Who else has this problem? #lovemycoffee #needcaffeine


mystories d2s1 – George and the New School — April 28, 2015

mystories d2s1 – George and the New School

George walked into the cafeteria hoping to sit with someone new and possibly make a friend or two. It was his third day at the new school and he didn’t know anybody but was trying to make some new friends. He tried to talk to a few people but the kids at this middle school weren’t very nice. He was in 7th grade and was usually great at making new friends. Here and there George would text or use messenger to contact his friends at his old school to see how things were going for them as well as to share anything new or exciting happening to him. He was starting to realize there weren’t really cliques at this school which made him a little bit nervous because his previous school had quite a bit and he knew exactly where he would have been. George walked up to one of the tables near the cafeteria doors and asked the group if he could sit with them. They kind of just sat there for a moment and stared at him. This is awkward George thought.
     “Sure dude!” One of them said with a smile.
     “Awesome, thanks. It’s been a little bit weird being at a new school and all.” They ended up talking and hanging out for the rest of lunch. A few of the kids in the group told George that people probably weren’t talking to him to much because he was really tough looking and a little bit taller than the other students. This made perfect sense to George because he was taller and he just got this from his parents as they were both tall. He also looked tough as they stated because he played soccer and basketball and would exercise regularly. One student said he assumed the guys were all afraid of him and that the girls had a crush on him. George blushed a bit at that statement and they all got a good laugh out of that. From then on George knew it was going to be a good school year.

mystories d1s1 —

mystories d1s1

The name is Andrea but most call me Drea. I’m 22 and have a somewhat simple life. I recently realized I enjoy writing WAY more than I ever did in school. I have a boyfriend who is the sweetest and I’d like to marry someday. I currently don’t have any pets or children but my sister who I live with has her own puppy whom she named Bruno. I work a regular full time job at a call center and it has it’s ups and downs but I can’t complain because it pays the bills. I plan on writing either daily, multiple times a day or at least 3 times a week, whatever works best for me. I do also have other places you can find me as I do love the social media. On this blog I plan on writing things about my daily life as well as made up stories. If you’d like to know anything about me or would like me to write something specific, just ask! Thanks for reading, please stop by again if you would like!

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